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One of the Actions laid down in the Landford Community Plan (2008-2013) was the request for the production of the Village Design Statement (VDS). This took a further two years to produce and was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document by the New Forest National Park Authority in January 2011. During the production of that document it was necessary to research the history not only of the development of Landford in general, but also the various large estates with their historic buildings and the effect they had on the development of the local area. The VDS could only contain a summary of the information gleaned and rather than discard the extra details, I decided to try and put it all together in one document for publication on the Internet. At the same time, I expanded these details by looking into the social history of the families that occupied the larger estates, and also added an analysis of the parish records during a major revision in 2018.

Nearly all of the information in this document is in the public domain. I have simply pulled together the various snippets of information to draw an overall picture of Landford over time, including some details of the occupants of the larger properties.

This history of Landford has been compiled from various sources using the Internet, particularly the British History Online and Wiltshire Community History websites. Not all sources are 100% reliable and subsequently this account may also perpetuate some of those errors. The information contained in this document is therefore for general information purposes only. Whilst I have tried to ensure that the information given is correct, I cannot guaranty the accuracy or reliability of the sources used or the information contained in this document.

If you have any information that may further improve, correct or complete particular details within an item, then please feel free to leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of the relevant page.


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