PART 11 – Hamptworth Lodge

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Section 1 – The history of Hamptworth Lodge

Section 2 – Table of Owners and Occupiers of Hamptworth Lodge

Section 3 – Family connections with Hamptworth Lodge

William Stockman (1560-1635)

Sir Francis Chaplin (1628-1680)

John Chaplin (1657-1714) of Tathwell, Lincs

Sir Charles Duncombe (1648-1711)

Anthony Duncombe, 1st Baron Feversham (c. 1695 – 1763)

Ursula Duncombe (1658-1721)

Thomas Duncombe, MP (c.1683-1746)

Thomas Duncombe, MP (c.1724-1779)

Anne Duncombe (?-1783)

Robert Shafto (c.1732-1797)

John Shafto (1775-1802)

Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto (1776–1848)

Robert Duncombe Shafto (1806–1889)

James Morrison (1789-1857)

George Morrison, MA (1839-1884)

George Moffatt (1806–1878)

Alice Lucy Moffatt (1858-1922)

Hilda Eva Moffatt (c.1863-1947)

Harold Moffatt (1859-1945)

Hugh Charles Cumberbatch (1885-1957)

Nigel James Moffatt Anderson, MC, DL, FRGS (1920-2008)


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