PART 10 – Newhouse

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Section 1 – The history of Newhouse

Section 2 – Table of Owners of Newhouse

Section 3 – Family connections with Newhouse

William Stockman (1560-1635)

Sir Thomas Gorges (1536 – 1610)

Sir Edward Gorges (c.1582-c.1650)

Thomas Eyre of New Sarum (1535-1628)

Giles Eyre of Brickworth (1572-1655)

Ambrose Eyre of Newhouse (1609-1649)

Sir Samuel Eyre (1633 –1698)

Right Hon. Sir Robert Eyre (1666-1735)

Robert Eyre (c.1693-1752)

Samuel Eyre (c.1733-1794)

William Purvis Eyre (1757-1810)

George Matcham (1754-1833)

George Nelson Matcham (1789-1877)

William Eyre Matcham (1823-1906)

George Henry Eyre Eyre-Matcham (1862-1939)

William Eyre Eyre Matcham (1865-1938)

John St Leger Eyre-Matcham (1890-1975)

Constance Valentine Eyre-Matcham (1897-1984)

John Jeffreys, Esq (1845-1922)

Commander Edmund Valentine Jeffreys, R.N. (1893-1988)

George William Eyre Jeffreys (1931-Present)

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