Part 4 – Landford Lodge

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Section 1 – The history of Landford Lodge

Section 2 – Table of Owners and Occupiers of Landford Lodge

Section 3 – Family connections with Landford Lodge

Mr Dodington Egerton

Sir William Heathcote of Hursley

Charles Spooner of Harley Street

Samuel Greatheed (1752-1829)

Samuel Greatheed (c.1796-1847)

Rev George Frederick Everett

Charles Cornwallis Dansey

William Shepherd Milner

Charles Edward Sidebottom Venner

John Jeffreys Esq.

Rev Orlando Spencer-Smith

James Richard Wigram

General Sir George Luck

Lord Huntingfield

Captain James Grey Stuart

Hon. Peter Pleydell-Bouverie

6 thoughts on “Part 4 – Landford Lodge

  1. Thank you very much for making this extensive information available. I am the great grandson of John Jeffreys Esq. who lived at Landford Lodge. My grandfather, Arthur Henry Jeffreys, was John’s eldest son. I have a detailed history of The family of Arthur Jeffreys, John’s father if you would like a copy.


    1. Dear Mr Jennings, thank you so much for your kind offer. Yes, I would very much like to read up on John Jeffreys’ history as he has always appeared to me as an interesting character. As a local conservation volunteer, I occasionally meet your relative George Jeffreys, the owner of the New House estate. Related that is via John Jeffreys’s youngest son.

      If you need my address details, then please reply again and I will contact you directly.


  2. I’m interested in finding out more information about Samuel Greatheed and his first wife Mary Wilson.
    I understand that there are some plaques relating to Samuel and his first wife Mary in the St Andrews Church, that you have referred to in this part 4.

    Do you by chance have a photo of these plaques? I have been sent one from someone else via a third party but it isn’t clear.

    You also reference the St Andrews Church website. Do you have a link to this website?


  3. Lovely website, and so informative.

    The parents of Orlando Spencer Smith are more the target of my research – Spencer Smith and Frances Anne Seymour, of Brooklands (Hants). However, I do have some information about about their children, if you are interested.

    By the way – Orlando’s twin had the first name of Gilbert (Joshua being his middle name). And you will find in your list of the children of Orlando Spencer Smith and Theodosia England that Richard with a death date and Richard Osbaldeston with a birth date are the same person.



    1. Dear Janeite, Many thanks for the information. Will amend Spencer-Smith details in next revision. John


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