Appendix 1 – Families of Landford

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The Nelson and Bolton Families

Rev Edmund Nelson (1722-1802)

Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, KB (1758-1805)

Rev William Nelson, 1st Earl Nelson, 2nd Duke of Bronté  (1757-1835)

Thomas Bolton (1752-1834)

Thomas Nelson, 2nd Earl Nelson, born Thomas Bolton (1786-1835)

Frances Elizabeth Eyre, Countess Nelson (1796-1878)

The Girdlestone Family

Rev Henry Girdlestone (1785-1871)

Henry Girdlestone (1814-1895)

Horatio Girdlestone (1819-1894) MD

Rev Francis Gurney Girdlestone (1833-1884)

The Harcourt Powells and James Cox of the Shoe Inn

Harcourt Powell (1718-1782)

John Harcourt Powell (died 1855)

Harcourt/Powell Family Tree

James Cocks of the Shoe Inn (born c.1790)

Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto (1776-1848)

Humphrey Tugwell (1806 – 1865)

James Allen and Ann Chalk of Wickets Green Farm

The King and Andrews families of Glebe and Bridge Farm

William King (1768-1813) and Mary Andrews (1774-1867) of Glebe Farm

Charles King (1805-1888) The Shop, Barrows Lane

George King (1808-1886) The Shop and Glebe Farm

Reuben Andrews (1796-1859) of Bridge Farm

The Davenants of Landford Manor

John Davenant of London (b. c1539- 1596)

John Davenant (1572-1641)   Bishop of Salisbury

Edward Davenant (1569-1639)

Rev Edward Davenant (1596-1679)

John Davenant (d. 1670)

John Davenant (d. 1693)

Edward Davenant (1682-1716)      

John Frederick Breton (c1796-1852)

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